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Text Message Break Up (a requested one-shot for Emma.)

"And we should break up, sry."
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! A text? A TEXT?!” Rage doesn’t even begin to express the anger that boiled inside of me. It was as if lava was coursing through my veins, and if someone touched me, they might have suffered third degree burns.
I sat at the window of my London apartment and divulged myself into a ritual of inhaling and exhaling.
“Just be rational, be calm, and logical. Just talk to him! Don’t go crazy, just call him! No deliriousness from this end, just grown mature logic… And no more talking to yourself. Jesus Emma.”
I shook myself a bit, and pressed my speed-dial. Number one. What. A. Joke.
Ring once. Ring Twice. Ring Thre- "We’re sorry, your call has been forwarded to an automated voice system for- "Christopher" please leave a message after the tone."
“Oh, fuck that!” I flew about my apartment, slipping on sandals, and a cardigan. If he wasn’t going to answer my calls, I was going to show up on his doorstep, demanding my well deserved answers.

Perhaps I’m being a bit melodramatic, but you don’t date for a year, and the night after he meets your parents, he decides to text you with a break up message. It’s complete and utter bullshit. Yeah, that’s probable cause for an assault case.
“Christopher, you poor bastard.”

Within the hour, I had torn into his apartment building and began rapping mercilessly on his door.
“Chris, I know you’re in there! You never GO anywhere! Even when we dated!” Again, my fists pounded on the wood, unrelenting to his poor show of absence. “I CAN HEAR YOU MOVING IN THERE- ARE YOU SERIOUSLY DOING THIS RIGHT NOW YOU SORRY SACK OF SHI-“
“Hell hath no fury like woman’s scorn I suppose.” A deep voice called from behind me.
My hand dropped from its place at the door as I spun around on my heel to catch the culprit who distracted me from not so well thought out plan. Did I think Chris was really going to open that door? Especially after I flew around there like a mad woman, screaming like a banshee?
“Excuse me? I don’t believe I invited you into this lovers quarrel.”
“Maybe not cordially, but you definitely have the whole hall pressed against their doors,” His voice dropped to a mischievous whisper, “We love our scandals.” The stranger stood propped cockily against his doorframe and had the audacity to wink at me. WINK AT ME.
“And who the hell are you? Actually no, I don’t care, is Christopher in there, have you seen him leave at all? Or maybe someone-“
“OH! You’re the infamous crazy girl friend! It is a pleasure to finally meet you after all these months! I’m Harry Styles.” He extended his hand to me.
My fists clenched and unclenched in record time at my sides, and now I’m crazy?!  Well… The display before Harry definitely did nothing to boost my image.
I took calm, eerie steps towards the brunette. I could see his Adam’s Apple bobbing with a hard swallow, so crazy girlfriend is scaring him? If only Christopher would unlock that damn door, this would not have had to happen.
"What else did he say about the infamous crazy girl friend, Harry?" My voice too dropped to a whisper, but instead of playfulness, it carried a much sinister tone, "Hmm? What else."
His eyes, as green as the forest trees flickered with uneasiness, “Perhaps it’s something you and Chris could talk about, er, in private.”
My shoulders slumped, and I instantly felt deflated.
“Who am I kidding? I’m not like this, I’m never this aggressive. Harry?” He nodded, looking a bit more relaxed, “Yeah, Harry, look I’m sorry. I don’t do this ever. Like in my life. But he, and I- I just.” I groaned and rubbed my hands across my face.
“Uh, crazy, but never actually crazy stranger who seems to be suffering from an existential crisis-“
“Shitty break up.” I corrected.
“Who seems to suffering from a ‘shitty break up,’ you need coffee. And a good venting session. And a meal. Then a nap. There’s a little restaurant across the way, would you like to grab a bite?”
For the first time in the whole evening, I smiled, “That sounds… Fantastic.”
“There’s one thing, I need to know your name.”
I laughed, realizing how crazy and now how rude I came off to be. “It’s Emma.” I chirped shaking the hand he once again extended. “And now I’m starving.”
It was his turn to laugh now, and I was graced with a brilliant smile of straight, white teeth.
“There is also one more thing, Emma.” He said, bringing his face closer to mine.
“Which is?”
“I hope you can perform well.” He whispered his lips touching mine.
All in an instant his mouth formed to mine, and he entrapped me in the most decadent and suffocating kiss I’ve ever received.
“Oh, Chris, uh hello-” I stammered, before Harry cut in.
“Hey mate! You know, you were awfully wrong about this one! But finders keepers!” He chanted in a wonderfully childish song. “C’mon love, off to supper we go!”
I caught one last glimpse of Chris, retreating back into his apartment, confusion written across his face.
Harry pulled me into the elevator, and we laughed like two school children.
“I cannot thank you enough!” I sighed, regaining my lost breath.
“Well, to pay me back, you can buy me this meal, and I’ll take the ticket for the next.”
“You’ve got yourself a deal, Styles.”

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